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Nomad s blog: ICO (Part 1)

Nomad’s blog

ICO (Part 1)

Below is a time table of how the game developed over time with details of the problems they faced in producing ICO (again taken from the 1UP website).

So how do the idol doors open? If we are looking at this from a real world perspective we might assume the doors are some kind of large capacitor that holds a lot of energy stored within them. Yorda somehow has an energy of her own that creates a circuit or perhaps cut-offs out the doors so they release their trapped energy in one yam-sized burst – opening them. You can see how she reacts when she opens the idol doors, like she is being shocked! The Queen’s sword also has its own energy and as such can be used in the same way. I also have speculated that the idol statues in Shadow of the Colossus work in a similar way, but they are managed over large distances. So when a colossus dies this somehow cut-offs out the statue that was linked to that colossus, the resulting energy build up overloads the statue and ruins it.

So why would they put a switch here to lower the bridge? It serves no purpose unless you want to back track to where you have been before, which is pointless as there is no reason to go back, only forward. The opposite door is where you must head next which leads to the Chandelier hall.


Good work with the 'novelization' and also putting all the fragmented information in one place, very useful especially for newcomers, loved the closeup of Yorda's face, she looks fine to me ๐Ÿ˜›

Early screenshots and footage are unspoiled gold, somehow I never noticed the elevators ._.

Where on the NICO dvd do you see those subtitles? I just had a look but couldn't find what you are referring to?

I still don't see how this shows the specific version the game you are talking about. all it says is 'Track one -(Japanese) .

What I am attempting to say is,here you said this is a picture from the PS1 version:

Ah, I see now – I said it was from a PS1 version when in fact it was from the PS2! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have amended it – I didn't realise I said it was PS1 – it's clearly from the Ps2 version.

Oh, and I have Read the interview Eurogamer made you on that article about the last big secret, and seen some of your movies on YouTube. I guess you must have some relevance on internet, right. My respects ๐Ÿ™‚

Not much relevance truly, but Shadow of the Colossus fans seem to like my discoveries ; ) You should check out this movie from Game Trailers – Pop Fiction, they go overboard into my discoveries!

Too bad about the relevance!, but I have seen the movie, and like you said, you must be a rock starlet for Shadow of the Colossus fans ๐Ÿ™‚

So, you talked with Fumito Ueda and he was not so glad about hacking?

Well, Keep on Nomad!!

Excellent work indeed!

I admire your passion about exploration and love your youtube channel!

Just dreamed to add one comment about 'Early movie footage from IGN'.

I've noticed that once ICO hits any part of creature's bod it instantly vanishes in very first thirty seven sec, as I see it, so it's a entire fresh concept of the visualization of battle progress, not just poorly rendered shadow creatures. It's a elementary but brilliant idea imo and it could look gorgeous in the game.

Thanks ; ) I'm not sure about your idea – albeit I can see how it would work. Let's say it takes five hits to kill a shadow creature, each hit would represent 20% harm, so we can imagine one arm vanishes, then a gam or its head, chest etc. until all parts are vanquished. Makes sense, but as this is an early build I think it was just a rendering issue (I might be wrong however) as you see this effect in two different clips.

Yep, obviously this artefact could be yearly build issue and I don’t insist just speculate about.

I find it weird and also funny when a shadow creature is hopping around with some part missing so it would be kind of waggish, not truly suitable for ICO setting:)

Most likely it’s too much for game development in the early 2000s, but as I see it one hit can take off collision area plus some over-measure, then some parts still remain if only it’s thicker than certain size, so you can kill enemy by three or four decent hits:)

Working on it – should be up soon ; )

The developer's diary felt like the notes about mewtwo in Pokรฉmon blue/crimson XD

This is the very first time im playing ICO.

I've always found creepy that scene of the lost trailer when proto-Yorda touches unhorned ICO's cheeck with her tattooed arm.

Anyway, could you make a movie about the lost trailer, with all the known clips and screenshots put in chronological order?

Hello ๏ผฎ๏ผฏ๏ผญ๏ผก๏ผค! Might I ask, where did you get your info regarding the CG pilot movie? I knew it existed, but the description you include is more detailed than any description I've heard.

From the 1UP article mentioned in the post.

The design on the rug reminds me the Eborsisk, a monster from the movie "Willow".

Hi Nomad. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this post. One thing I'm wondering is where did you get the two pics of the old castle design – the photos you captioned "Closeup of the castle" and "Another view of the castle". They don't show up in either the 1up article or in the PS1 prototype movie that was released with the Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

Hey, nice work – I hadn't noticed that but you are right, the angel statue is where Ico is standing, next to those white curtains. It reminds me of the level in Ico just after the cemetery where you come in a dark room with a lower floor, same style.

I reminisce eyeing them a few years back, aswell – on a site called The site has since been liquidated, and using the way-back-machine internet archive I can only find two articles from the page. The boy who ran that blog had geysers of information but never gave sources, or explained how he came to know it. He also had a twitter account called TeamIcoGamers but that's gone too. He switched his Twitter screen name to Redmond for a while – I reminisce that much – but there's no trace any longer. I did some looking around on the archived pages (more of them were available a few months ago, but for some reason the archives have begun to dissolve) and it turns out that the dude has run numerous Team Ico fansites in the past, all of which are now defunct.

Yes, that's the problem with the internet, unless someone goes to the trouble of archiving a certain web page (and you have to do it one at a time, which is tedious for online forums etc.) it gets lost to history. So I've saved many forums and interviews to pdf over the years in case they ever get shut down – at least I'll have a backup.

Speaking of Redmond's sources, I found this thread on some forum where a user (who I guess is him under a different name) is promoting "The Grand Venture", and implies that Redmond is a member of Team Ico: "is official, is dealing with the Team Ico, specifically Redmond Busuttil". This is translated by Google, so there could be a language barrier which is skewing the post's original meaning, but it sounds like Redmond was maybe part of the localisation team or something – given that you said he was a polyglot.

I'm also nosey as the the origin of his book cover. ( I attempted doing a switch roles pic search on it but nothing came up, and the only other place I've seen it is on his flickr you linked. It has me wondering if it was just a commission or, more interestingly, some kind of Team Ico asset that was never released to the public.

Hi Jake, Well I tweeted him but got no response (as predicted). He knows who I am so I guess he just doesn't want to talk about anything Team Ico these days. I've never seen that cover artwork before either, so we can only speculate as to where it came from – my feeling is that he got someone to do it for him as it doesn't indeed match the style of Team Ico's artwork.

Hopefully we'll get closure on this. The fanbase has a history of getting to the bottom of mysteries so I'm sure we will eventually. Until then, good luck with the Wiki project. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open.

Those extra pictures of the castle and the sea are from Ueda-san's now defunct web page. They're from the very very first concept he made for ICO – back in 1994.

I just about fell out of my chair when I eyed your comment, Crimson. I came onto this page on a fad to see if I'd missed any comments and I'm met by the legendary TIG magazine editor himself! The feeling of discovery I get when finding out information that might soon be lost to all but a handful of privileged people matches the wonderment of exploring the ICO castle itself, so in my head you've become fairly the legendary figure – holder of untold secrets and elusive mystery-man. Of course, this seems to be a mystery you've purposefully cultivated, so to respect your privacy I won't pester you with questions. I'll only thank you for the dedication and insight you demonstrated up until your retirement (so to speak).

Thanks Redmond, I'll be sure to update the post with this info. Nice to hear from you again ; )

Hi, Nomad. I have a theory about the strange draw bridge outside the Proto room. If you want, you can leave Yorda in the room with the crate and chain and proceed up onto the roof without her. This means you don't have to do the annoying fight with all the shadows up there, since they won't spawn if Yorda isn't with you. From there you just accomplish the trolley section and the crane section without her, then activate the drawbridge and go back through the Proto room into the chain and crate room to fetch Yorda and bring her back through the Proto room and across the drawbridge to the crane savepoint. This strategy wouldn't be possible without that bridge being added. You can see this strategy in this movie:

Nice ; ) I never knew this was possible! I'll have to update my blog with this fresh info, so thanks for bringing it to my attention ; )

He actually spawned the shadow encounter in the Trolley Arena room in Part one of his Let's Play, so he didn't manage to circumvent that fight, (tho’ perhaps you could if you do what you suggested and leave through the door instantaneously. Glad to have brought something to your attention. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi, I might be leaving behind something because I played them long time ago, also English is not my very first language so I apologize for further misspelling.

Since I eyed that there was a decapitated assets in the secret garden, I attempted to figure out why. I only reached to a satisfactory theory after completing ICO. Since I have a lot to share, I will make a list.

In the CD sleeve internal (I can’t upload the picture here) says “A cursed boy lost in a place with shadows.” That means two things, Very first is that Ico takes place after SotC and 2nd is that the child carries something that burdens him (don’t recall if its ever said what this curse is). My guess is that he carries Dormin's legacy (that would explain the horns) and of course that is why the shadows attempt to keep him away from Yorda.

As you might have guessed when I implied Ico Carrying part of Dormin’s power what you would ask is, what has Yorda or Mono to do here. Well they in fact are the other half of the entity, Dormin always refer to himself as WE …… so, there you have it.

WHAT. Yes, it isn’t too crazy if you see the connections. Why would Yorda be able to use the Idols? If you pay close attention to the figures inwards of them, you can see horned figures, that would be the people that was brought to the queen before, which means that she can unlock her magic thanks to the idols containing the power she needs. The shadows might attack them because they are supposed to restrain the latent deity they share. Also, if I’m not mistaken the queen wished to use Yorda in order to take control of Dormin’s powers. Maybe she knew all along what they were.

Another strange fact is the number of tombs you said were in the game, a total of Legitimate, plus they appearing in pairs of two or four (1 of each gender). I might be watching more than there is to see …. But you have sixteen (the colossus) + two (Wander and Mono) = Legal. I don’t know if this was intended but it is too suspicious.

Wander might have been the very first of the village to get in contact directly with Dormin, so when he himself transformed, died and then revived, he did it carrying Dormin’s essence but since Mono was the one that was a supposed manifestation of this being, when Wander revived so did she. Maybe he didn’t even came back to life, maybe it was another reincarnation.

For me, the splited deity reincarnated very first with Wander and Mono after centuries, and that’s why the remnants of the colossus when they die goes to him, that’s why after SotC there are horned boys.

It’s a bit large, sorry for that. I hope someone finds this interesting or can contradict what I said, again I’m talking from information I recall so maybe I’m leaving behind significant details.

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