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Top Free Bitcoin Sites, Get Your Bitcoins For Free

Top Free Bitcoin Sites

Get Your Bitcoins For Free

Fresh Bitcoin Drops #9 – Top Three Free Bitcoin Faucets

These are Top Three of the best free bitcoin faucets at the moment.

1. MyBitsCoin

Claim times from twenty five seconds onwards. Claims from fifty to one thousand six hundred Satoshi. You can level up to claim more. Daily jobs, achievements and bonuses for them. Confirmed withdrawals. Here you can truly get a lot quickly.

Two. Bonus Bitcoin

Claim every fifteen minutes for claims up to five thousand Satoshi. Daily bonus of 5% taken from the claims from last three days. Withdrawal limit Ten.000 Satoshi and confirmed payments.

Three. CoinSNS

Claims every ten minutes. Petite prizes at very first but these get fatter when you level up. Confirmed withdrawals. Blogs where you can promote yourself. Tasks with large bonuses. Triple claims every Friday.

Good Luck At Claiming

I actually use mostly these three faucets at the time. It is more that enough to get decent claims.

I invite you to check them out and give me your opinion.

Triple Claims At CoinSNS For Next Three Days

CoinSNS is one of my beloved free Bitcoin faucets for the last several weeks.

I like this faucet because:

  • you can claim from their faucet every ten minutes,
  • they have offers with big bonuses,
  • you can blog and gather practice,
  • with practice you get claim multipliers,
  • every Friday the claims are tripled – Yes, you can claim the triple value for the entire Friday.

With the latest optimization of the CoinSNS website finished the owners determined to give us the Triple Bonus for next three days. That means via this weekend. This is a superb chance for you to make big claims

Fresh Features Include Suggest Wall And Ethereum Faucet

In addition, the OfferWall will be added to the CoinSNS. They will also add another faucet for Ethereum – ETH. It means that you’ll get free bitcoin and free ETH at the same time. To my skill this would be a unique feature in the world of cryptocurrency faucets.

We will inform you as soon these fresh features will be available. In the mean time, keep claiming and gaining practice at CoinSNS.

Payout Confirmed

CoinSNS has a fairly high withdrawal limit – 200.000 Satoshi. But I can confirm you that is is downright possible to reach it and receive the payout. In fact, I’ve received my very first payout slickly and without any issues. This is another bonus point in my eyes for CoinSNS.

CoinSNS – the notice after the withdrawal claim

CoinSNS – approval of the withdrawal

CoinSNS – receipt confirmation from my Xapo wallet

With DeepBitcoin You Guide Your Submarine And Claim Big Satoshi

There is a brand fresh free bitcoin faucet game available for you to play and claim Satoshi – DeepBitcoin. It comes from the Landbitcoin Company. They recently brought you two fresh and titillating games – BoomFaucet and FrogFaucet.

You won’t be astonished to find out that DeepBitcoin is basically the same faucet with a different plot. You roll a wheel to determine the number of steps (one to six) your submarine will budge up and collect Satoshi.

This picture will explain it better than my words can:

You can claim every ten minutes and get big awards if you reach the top. With a bit of luck you will get there with your submarine.

I will tell you more about the details later because I won’t to hurry up and claim with my little submarine. You should do the same. Good luck!

FrogFaucet Payout Confirmed

FrogFaucet is a fresh free bitcoin faucet where you leap like a frog and claim Satoshi. More leaps in a row means thicker prize. But beware the crocodiles. If you hop on one of them the game is over.

Payout Confirmed

I am glad to tell you that FrogFaucet is alive and well and paying out our prizes on schedule. Here is the proof. Very first the Cash page of the faucet:

Dont’ leave behind that:

  • FrogFaucet‘s sister faucet BoomFaucet is very much alive too,
  • referral commision is 20%,
  • payout is every weekend if you reach twenty five thousand Satoshi,
  • every 10th game is a bonus game with a multiplier.

Many superb reasons to leap like a frog with this faucet.

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Good luck with claiming!

BitsCoins Has Potential To Be Fine Faucet

Yesterday I was telling you about fine fresh faucet Pixel Coins (read the review). Today the faucet got an addition with another excellent BitsCoins faucet. It is similar faucet actually with two major differences:

Since the faucet is brand fresh it is very possible that things will switch frequently and a lot. Simply put – the faucet is stable and working but the conditions are unstable and switching.

Are Claims Actually In Satoshis?

The accumulated amount at BitsCoins faucet

One issue that I don’t have an reaction for is whether our claims are counted in Satoshis? They might be worth ten times less. The amount claimed is shown as mSatoshis. See the picture on the right.

Only time will tell what will our very first withdrawal indeed be.

Referral System

You can refer your friends to BitsCoins and receive a 15% lifetime commission on all their faucet claims! The percentage is the same as it is with Pixel Coins.


Withdrawals can be made every day from 12:00 to 20:00 Spain time as long as you have reached the threshold amount of 400.000 Satoshi.

I am not there yet but I will certainly report to you when my very first withdrawal will be carried through.

Is The Future Of BitsCoins Faucet Bright?

I don’t know. It is way to early to say anything conclusive. BitsCoins looks indeed good but please don’t be to disappointed if things turn from superb to mediocre. I am still an optimist, however.

Glad claiming, my friends! And don’t leave behind to visit Pixel Coins too.

Big Claims Every thirty Seconds On Pixel Coins

This just might be the largest bitcoin faucet of all time. Yes, I am excited. Why?

Because at Pixel Coins you claim every thirty seconds. And claim big! At the time the lowest prize is seven hundred twenty five Satoshi and the maximum is five thousand Satoshi. This means big claims. Theoretically 87000 Satoshi every hour!

Look at the photo on the right. This is what you can get.

Yes, I know that this is the theory only. But … you can still earn a lot. Even if you claim ten times every hour you can get at least seven thousand two hundred fifty Satoshi. This is much more than the 2nd best free bitcoin faucet.

Where Is The Catch?

I don’t know. I don’t even know if there is a catch or am I just being paranoid. There is one thing, tho’. The withdrawal limit is 900.000 Satoshi. Yes, a lot and suspicious. But I will reach it and let you know what will happen. What do you think? Will I get my payout? I have a good feeling about it.

More Good News

  • 15% referral bonus,
  • 5% daily bonus,
  • 4000 Satoshi just for liking the faucet on facebook,
  • a Doge faucet withing Pixel Coins faucet,
  • more promotions and competitions are promised.

Is This Faucet Sustainable?

Or in other words – will they be able to pay our claims? I don’t know – yet. But I can tell you that you can expect frequent switches. Lower claims, fatter claim times, different stuff happening all the time.

One thing is certain. You should be among the very first to claim and to profit. Hurry up and go to Pixel Coins faucet.

The Background

There is more to be said about this faucet. The possessor also operates Bonus Bitcoin faucet. He recently sold his Bitcoin Zebra faucet. But I will tell you more about it in the near future.

In the meantime I wish you all the best with claiming and being paid at the Pixel Coins faucet.

CoinSNS Bitcoin Faucet And Social Site Has Triple Claims Every Friday

CoinSNS is a site where you can claim satoshi from its faucet every ten minutes. Every Friday is a Triple Claim Friday when through all day the prize for the claim is tripled.

Gather Practice Points To Reach Levels And Get Bonus Multipliers

The regular claim value is around seventy eight Satoshi. Presently this is tripled to two hundred thirty five Satoshi. But the beauty is that CoinSNS has a level bonus system where you accumulate practice points to reach higher levels. Levels bring multipliers. I am presently at level / which brings me a multiplier of 1.7. With each claim I get four hundred Satoshi which results in 2400 Satoshi every hour.

Accomplish Tasks For Extra Bitcoins

You can also finish tasks and receive extra Satoshi. These tasks are usually some sort of signing up for another bitcoin related service so you can benefit twice. AT the time there are ten tasks available with a combined value of 0,0033 BTC. Yes, this is 330.000 Satoshi!

Blog For More Practice Points

CoinSNS site has a blog section too. There you can blog whatere you feel like blogging. You can posts your own referral links if you like. You get five practice points for every post and ten points for every comment. As you can see you can build up your level pretty quick.

Referral System

Of course, there is a referral system with two tiers where you can profit from the claims that your referrals are making.

Display Your BlockAdz Ad On Your Profile Page

As a CoinSNS member you have your own profile page. There you can publish an ad from BlockAdz advertising network and earn extra Satoshi.

Withdrawal At 200.000 Satoshi

Cashout to you bitcoin wallet address is possible when you accumulate 200.000 Satoshi. The bar is fairly high but reachable with many ways to earn.

Many Way To Earn Bitcoin

As you can see there are numerous ways in which you can earn some Satoshi at CoinSNS. I am certain that this site will quickly become one of your beloved bitcoin faucet sites.

Fresh Bitcoin Drops #8 – three Minute Claims For One Day Only

The reliable and trusty Alien Faucet has – just for one day – TODAY – shortened its claim time to three minutes!

This means at least three thousand nine hundred Satoshi in an hour but an average claim can be much higher!

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